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In an unsigned music context, it’s nigh on impossible to utter the word “showcase” without throwing everyone in earshot into ecstatic conniptions. The term smacks of raw talent and passion and conjures up the fanciful scenario where the most worthy of the bands on display shatters rules, throws the Vs to convention and creates a spectacle serving as their triumphant breakthrough and setting them firmly on an upwards trajectory, the likes of which their initial fanbase never dreamed.

Of course, as much as this is a very possible outcome, it isn’t the most common or realistic one. Combine this with the fact that local promoters toss the word around with sheer abandon and you have the very real danger of the word losing all original meaning and significance.

A showcase should be about more than just a tenuously linked selection of bands taking it in turns to dribble out a few of their staple numbers, all the while keeping their metaphorical begging hands out for publicity, recognition or record deals.

A showcase should be a carefully planned event, featuring a well thought out and hand-picked bill, comprising acts who are not only known to the promoters but who have made a significant impression upon them.

A showcase should aim to display the talent the organisers feel to be deserving of immediate attention and, as a result, should be based on nothing more than passion; It should be one of those musical endeavours which are brought about by nothing other than the ‘love of the game.’

In the interest of the retention of this meaning, the term certainly should not be used lightly…

With this in mind, Sixteen Sixteen Six are proud to align ourselves with the forthcoming Ayrshire Showcase at Pivo Pivo. The free event will run all day and feature two separate stages: An acoustic stage sponsored by The Kitchen Sessions and another sponsored by A Series of Controlled Explosions which will cater to the ‘turned up to 11’ end of the Ayrshire music spectrum.

Those involved in the organisation of the showcase are Ayrshire music stalwarts who genuinely know their stuff, so it looks set to be a truly worthwhile milestone in the progression of a scene that, a few years ago, seemed little more than a ripple in the pond.

It’s a truly exciting time to be a local music fan and this is your chance to make sure you’re a part of it all!

The event takes place on Sunday 4th September and in-depth coverage from Sixteen Sixteen Six is a given so, if you can’t be there on the day, make sure you read about it here.

That way you can at least pretend you were there!

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